Mm Trw Automatic Cannon

Cannon Machine Gun

25mm Automatic Cannon, TRW-6425, TRW. Inc.


In early 1964 Thompson, Ramo, and Wooldridge, Inc. began work on their 25mm automatic cannon, known officially as the TRW-6425. Eugene Stoncr served as a consultant and the weapon is considered to be of Stoncr design and was specifically made to meet or exceed the requirements for the Vehicle Rapid Fire Weapons System, wrhich is better known as the Bushmastcr. The weapon concept was funded by TRW at least through the initial stages. Ammuni tion development was done primarily by Oerlikon. The first prototype was produced in 22 months and began test firing in November 1965 from an Ml 14 vehicle. In December the prototype was fired from an Austrian Armored Personnel Carrier.

An early version was tested by a number of countries including Great Britain and France.

The early configuration was tested several times at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Included was a Military Potential Test from March 1968 to March 1970,

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