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30mm XM] 40 Automatic Machine Gun


The program for a 30mm area and point target weapon system originated in early 1963 with the release of technical characteristics by Headquarters, US Army Weapons Command.

A Springfield Armory firing test fixture with Pica tinny Arsenal ammunition was designed as an entry in an independent evaluation by the Ballistics Research Laboratories at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. After a competitive evaluation with rockets and boosted projectile approaches entered by other government arsenals and commercial firms, the Springfield Armory approach was selected for continued development as the second generation area and point weapon system. The Springfield fixture was identified at different periods of the program as the Gun Type Aerial System (GTAS), the Area Point Weapon System (APWS), and the Weapons Command, 30mm (WECOM-30). The formal development of the weapon was initiated in June 1964 and identified as the XM140, 30mm automatic gun. The armament subsystem was identified as the XM30.

The subsystem was designed to replace the 2.75 inch rocket subsystem, XM3 and to fulfill the point target fire support mission for attack on personnel and lightly armored targets. The gun and ammunition were selected as the main armament for the Cheyenne, AH-56A.

Engineering and test plans were approved in January 1967 but weapon and ammunition development

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