Gun Barrel Rifling Machine Homemade

LWGPMG Characteristics

Weight (complete with light barrel) 47.3 lbs.

Weight of Light Barrel 14.4 lb.

Weight (complete with heavy barrel) 49.9 lb.

Weight of Heavy Barrel 17 lb.

Length of Weapon with barrel 72.4 in.

Length of Receiver without barrel 43.6 in.

Length of Barrel with flash hider 41.6 in.

Length of Rifled Bore (approx.) 32 in.

Number of Lands and Grooves 8

Twist Right Hand, one turn in 15 in.

Headspace./Barrel Changing Fixed Headspace/

Quick Change

Timing/Locking Fixed Timing/

Rotary Locking Bolt

Feeding Rotating Sprocket, Disintegrating

Metal Belt

Operation Dual Tappet Gas

Firing Inertia Fired from Open Bolt Position

Cooling Air

Muzzle Velocity (approx.) 2,900 fps

Cyclie Rate of Fire (nominal) 400 rpm

Ammunition/Link All NATO Calibre .50 inch and SLAP/MI 5A2

Cycle of Operation

Weapon operation begins with the bolt carrier seared to the rear in the open bolt position. When the sear is released, the bolt carrier assembly begins forward motion, driven by the two drive springs. A live round, held into position by one of the feed sprockets, is then stripped from the feed belt by one of the two bolt rammers and cammed forward into the chamber. As the bolt carrier continues forward, it cams the bolt to the locked position. Round ignition now occurs as the firing pin, attached to the bolt carrier, strikes the primer. The bolt carrier remains at this position until the projectile travels past the two gas ports. Propellant gas will now flow through these two orifices and into each of the gas cylinders. As gas pressure builds, each gas piston is driven rearward against a drive rod connected to the bolt carrier by the drive pin which now begins rearward motion. After 0.10 inch of dwell, the carrier begins to cam open the bolt and after 0.62 inch of rearward motion, the piston stroke ends and the bolt is unlocked. At this point, the carrier has enough kinetic energy to cyclc the weapon.

Bolt pickup occurs when the cam pin contacts the end of the carrier cam track. After bolt pickup, the bolt and carrier recoil as an assembly with the bolt held

Weapon Headspace

Gun Barrel Rifling Machine

into the unlocked position by the cam pin bearing against the upper receiver tube. As the carrier recoils rearward, both feed cams rotate towards the weapon centerline. One feed sprocket remains stationary as the

Homemade Muzzleloader Revolver

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