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Various 25mm Guns

Besides firing standard linked ammunition, several other important Weapon System Support and Readiness (WSSR) factors, were established as goals for the GE 225:

1) All parts designed to be interchangeable

2) The barrels to be automatically clcarcd of live rounds at the end of each burst

3) Variable rate of fire to permit the gun to be used in a wide variety of installations

4) Minimize and simplify scheduled and unscheduled maintenance actions

5) Design the basic gun so that installation of accessory parts such as muzzle brakes, gas or externally powered drive, recoil mechanism and alternate mounting features can be readily attached. The same basic gun design can, therefore, be used on a variety of vehicles.

The design of the GE 225 was accomplished early in 1983 and a single prototype gun fabricated and fired at about 500 spm with an external electric drive motor. Progress through 1984 included:

1) Designing, building and test firing a gas drive for the gun and demonstrating 1600 spm rate of fire. Three hundred thirty-four shots were fired.

2) Designing hardware to adapt the gun to the AH-1S helicopter turret.

Weight and Size Comparisons of 25-mm Guns


No. Rarrek

Max. Firing Rate (spm)

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