Machine Gun Casing

Items 14, 15, and 16 are not part of new backplate configuration.

6. Using retaining ring pliers, remove external retaining ring (14) and internal retaining ring (15). Remove ball bearing (16) and backplate (8) from swivel (12).

Disassemble Ball Bearing
Vintage Boker Snap Ring Pliers


7. Remove machine screw (17) and spring pin (18).

8. Press down on lock-release lever (19) and remove spring return holder (20) with attached parts from channel housing (2).

Heavy Machine Gun


9. Remove spring pin (21). Remove ball end of charger cable assembly (13) from socket of cable guide slide (22) and pull out charger cable assembly to remove from cable guide slide.

10. Remove spring pin (23). Align locking release lever straight pin (24) with clearance hole in cable guide slide (22). Remove locking release lever straight pin and locking release lever (19).

11. Pull pulley retainer slide (25) with attached parts out of cable guide slide (22).

12. Remove headless shoulder pin (26), helical compression spring (27), spring pin (28), spring return holder (20), sleeve bearing (29), torsion spiral spring assembly (30), headless straight pin (31), and groove pulley (32) from pulley retainer slide (25).

13. Remove sleeve bearing (33), release lever (34), and helical compression spring (35) from channel housing (2).

14. Remove sleeve bearing (36), lock-release lever (9), and helical compression spring (37) from channel housing (2).

Lock Casing Maxim Machine Gun

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