Carefully install bolt latch assembly in receiver assembly. The spring is under heavy compression and could cause injury if released accidentally.

2. Ensure operating head (6) of bolt latch spring tool assembly (7) is screwed counterclockwise into bracket (8) before sliding it into backplate grooves (9) in receiver (2) (Flex only).

3. Install bolt latch assembly (10) in receiver (2). Slide bolt latch spring tool assembly (7) into backplate grooves (9) until stop (11) contacts top of receiver. (Flex only).


4. Screw in bolt latch spring tool assembly (7) clockwise, compressing helical compression spring (12) so that plain round nut (13) can be installed on bolt latch assembly (10). Screw plain round nut two turns on to bolt latch assembly threads (Flex only).

5. Unscrew bolt latch spring tool assembly (7) counterclockwise. Ensure bolt latch assembly (10) is held on by plain round nut (13) (Flex only).

6. Lift up on manual control lever (14) until it is level with top of receiver (2). Screw in on bolt latch spring tool assembly (7) clockwise and compress helical compression spring (12) (Flex only).

7. Tighten plain round nut (13) with spanner wrench (15). Line up slot in plain round nut with hole in bolt latch assembly eccentric pin (16) (Flex only).

8. Install new cotter pin (17) and spread ends to secure. Ensure cotter pin is installed from the bottom, as shown (Flex only).

9. Unscrew bolt latch spring tool assembly (7) counterclockwise and slide out of receiver (2) (Flex only).

ASSEMBLY - Continued

10. If removed, install new barrel locking spring (18) in barrel extension assembly (19) until it reaches the end of its grooves. Stake barrel extension assembly into notch of spring in one place only. Barrel extension is acceptable with up to 2 stakes per side. Staking that does not damage, prevent assembly, or impair normal operation is acceptable.

11. If removed, install new retaining ring (20). Install bolt charger stud assembly (21) in receiver (2) through bolt stud assembly hole (22) (M48 only).

12. Install M10 manual charger (23) on left side of receiver (2) and secure with flat washer (24) and three machine screws (25). Using nonelectrical wire (item 3, WP 0052 00), install two sets of new safety wires (26) to M10 manual charger mounting hardware (M48 only).

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