Improvised Gun Barrels

Tube sizes for improvised firearm barrels from .22 rimfire to 12 gauge shotgun. Seamless Mechanical Tube SMT and Seamless Hydraulic Tube SHT . All the tube sizes listed here offer an excellent 'Bullet to Bore' fit. All will require chambering with the appropriate calibre of chamber reamer.

Homemade Pistol Trigger Sear Breech

Homemade Shotgun Flat Spring Bends

The sear is the section of the trigger mechanism that releases the breech block when the trigger is pulled. It is made by modifying a 10mm diameter hexagonal wrench, also referred to as Hexagonal 'Keys'. These are widely available from most good hardware stores. They are made from hardened steel, and because of their shape, lend themselves ideally to the construction of an expedient sear. Keys can vary in length depending on the manufacturer, but length does not matter in this case as we only...