M60 Machine Gun Disassembly

M60 Machine Gun With Railed Front End

Clearing is always the first step upon receiving an M60 or preparing it for 3 Put the safety on SAFE and return the cocking handle to its forward position. 4 Raise the cover, inspect the tray, and remove links or ammunition. 5 Raise the tray and inspect the chamber to insure that no rounds are present. 6 Close the cover, place the safety on FIRE, pull the cocking handle to the rear, and pull the trigger while manually easing the bolt forward. 7 Place the safety on SAFE and raise the cover. If...

Malfunctions Stoppages Immediate Action Remedial Action Maintenance and Destruction

M60 Barrel Carrying Case

A malfunctioning machinegun is a gun that is not firing properly. Defective ammunition or improper operation by the gunner is not a malfunction. Two of the more common malfunctions of the M60 machinegun are sluggish operation and uncontrolled fire runaway gun . The table on the next page shows malfunctions, their probable causes, and corrective actions. Sluggish operation of the M60 usually is due to excessive friction caused by carbon, lack of proper lubrication, burred parts, or excessive...

Relative Size And Shape Of Beaten Zone

This is the pattern formed by the rounds within the cone of fire striking the ground or the target. The size and shape of the beaten zone changes when the range to the target changes or when the machinegun is fired into different types of terrain. On uniformly sloping or level terrain, the beaten zone is long and narrow. As the range to the target increases, the beaten zone becomes shorter and wider. When fire is delivered into terrain sloping down and away from the gun, the beaten...

Range Card With Final Protective Line

Predetermined targets in the secondary sector are sketched on the range card, and ranges to these targets are recorded below the sketches but not in the data section. Field expedients should be used for targets in the secondary sector, since the gun must be employed in the bipod role. NOTE A PDF is used when grazing fire can not be obtained, i.e.,whenthegun is located on rough, hilly, or broken terrain. The PDF is directed at the most likely enemy avenue of approach.