This appendix describes the ammunition to be used in the M60machinegun and gives a summary of ammunition requirements for the firing courses in this manual.

Ammunition is issued in a disintegrating, metallic, split-linked belt.

*Not authorized for training.



M60 machinegun ammunition is classified as follows:

Ball Cartridge — for use against light materials and personnel, and for range training.

Armor-Piercing Cartridge* — for use against lightly armored targets.

Tracer Cartridge — for observation of fire, incendiary effects, signaling, and use during training.

Dummy Cartridge — for use during mechanical training.

Blank Cartridge — for use during training when simulated live fire is desired. A blank firing attachment must be used to fire this ammunition.


The 7.f>2-mm NATO cartridge may be identified by its appearance, the painting of the projectile tips, the stamping of the manufacturer's initials and vear of manu-

failure on the base of the cartridge case, and the markings on the packing containers.

When removed from the original packing container, the cartridge may be identified by its physical characteristics.

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