Common Errors Encountered On The Basic Meter Machinegun Range

Common Error Marksmanship
incorrect sight picture
incorrect sight ment.


incorrect sight aline ment and sight picture
incorrect grip. the gun ner is not locking his elbows and shoulders prior to and during firing.
incorrect position and grip the gunner's left elbow moved. the gun ner should lock his elbows and shoulders prior to and during firing.

improper trigger control

incorrect position and grip the gunner's right elbow moved the gunner should lock his elbows and shoulders prior to and during firing.

improper trigger control

Obtain an Accurate initial Burst.

Machinegun fire is most effective if the gunner gets an accurate initial burst. To get such a burst, the gunner must properly apply the fundamentals of position and grip, sight alinement and sight picture, trigger manipulation, and zeroing.

Position and Grip

To get proper position and grip, the gunner gets into a prone position directly behind the gun and raises the rear sight and shoulder rest.

He places the shoulder rest on his right shoulder. A line drawn through the gun should go through his right shoulder and right hip pocket.

He spreads his legs a comfortable distance apart with his heels as close to the ground as possible.

He grasps the trigger-mechanism group with his right hand, index finger resting lightly on the trigger.

He places the fingers of his left hand on the cover, with his thumb underneath the receiver.

With both hands, he exerts a firm, steady pressure downward and rearward while aiming and firing.

He rests his cheek lightly against the feed cover or against his left hand.

He holds his shoulders level and his elbows an equal distance from the receiver.

The assistant gunner assists the gunner by making the necessary adjustments on the bipod legs to obtain proper height.

Left-handed firing with the M60 is discouraged because the ejection pattern of some guns is almost directly to the rear, and a gunner firing the tripod-mounted gun turns the traversing and elevating mechanism with his left hand.


Prone Position With Bipod

Sight Alinement and Sight Picture

To obtain correct alinement, the gunner centers the front-sight blade in the aperture of the rear-sight slide, with the top of the front-sight blade even with the top of the rear-sight slide.

For a correct sight picture, the gunner centers the target over the front-sight blade so that it appears to rest lightly on top of the properly alined front-sight blade.

When firing the M60, the trigger is not squeezed. It is pulled quickly to the rear and released. This aids the gunner in controlling the number of rounds in each burst and


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