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Machinegun marksmanship training includes qualification training on both the basic (10-meter) and the transition ranges- In this training, a gunner is taught, machineffun marksmanship with the bipod and the tripod mounts. Marksmanship training is conducted in three phases: bipod instructional firing on the basic (10-meter) range, tripod instructional and record firing on the basic (10-meter) range, and instructional and record firing on the transition range. This chapter is specifically designed to assist unit commanders in the preparation and conduct of a machinegun qualification program. It lists all the equipment and personnel required to conduct basic and transition firing.

Training outlined in this chapter is applicable to a unit of 200 to 250 soldiers- The training must be modified for units of other sizes.

A standard basic (10-meter) range can accommodate a unit of about 200 to 250

soldiers at a time; therefore, concurrent training may not be required. A standard transition range (10 lanes) cannot accommodate a. unit uf Llmt size at uut? time; therefore, concurrent training is required to make the best use of training time.

An officer assigned as the principal instructor or alternate instructor may

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