The Anpvs


Remove the M60 hinge-pin latch and hinge pin from the cover assembly by pressing on the latch (open end of pin) with an empty cartridge case, and separate the latch and pin. Place the pin and latch in the aiming guides on the left side of the mounting bracket and press together.

Position the mounting-bracket assembly on top of the machinegun cover so that the holes in the front of the bracket aline with the cover-assembly pin holes.

Insert the longer hinge pin supplied with the bracket through the bracket-and-cover assembly, and secure by inserting the hinge-pin latch.

Loosen the wingnuts on both leg clamps and position the clamps under the cover assembly. Secure the mounting bracket by tightening the wingnuts firmly.

Install the sight on the M60 mounting-bracket assembly by positioning it in the groove on trop of the bracket so that the scribed line on the bracket is alined with the scribed line on the sight-mounting adapter. Tighten the lever-screw assembly to secure the sight to the bracket. Use an empty cartridge case placed over the lever arm to increase leverage as the screw is tightened.


The procedures for zeroing the AN/PVS-4 are basically the same as those for the Ml6 rifle.

NOTE: Place the split washer next to the wingnut, and the flat washer next to the bracket.

stowage position of hinge-pin latch and hinge pin mounting bracket lever screw assembly


hingĀ£-pin latch and hinge-pin jn position


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