Used With The Tripodmounted Mmachinegun



With the Bipod-Mounted Gun. Place a log or board beneath the stock of the gun so that the stock can slide across it freely. Dig shallow, curved trenches or grooves for the bipod feet to allow rotation of the feet as the stock is moved along the horizontal log or board. Adjust the bipod legs to the desired elevation. The sector limits may be marked by notching or placing stops on the horizontal log or board. Bipod firing position and grip are used.

With the Tripod-Mounted Gun. Place a log or board beneath the barrel, positioned so that the barrel, when resting on the log or board, is at the proper elevation to obtain grazing fire. The limits of sector are marked, when appropriate, as described for the bipod in the preceding paragraph. This method is used only if a traversing and elevating mechanism is not available,

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