Basic Problems Identified

Following a gradual decline in rifle marksmanship performance over several years, the average soldier in the late 1970s could hit only 55 percent of stationary personnel targets from distances between 50m and 300m.5 ARI began to tackle this problem by defining the rifle defeatable combat threat,6 by examining previous marksmanship research,7 and by investigating existing and alternative training procedures.8,9 These initial efforts defined the rifle defeatable threat as being briefly

TabIe j exposed personnel targets, both stationary and moving, Summary of Problems Identified in BRM Training within a range of 300m. It was also clear that BRM training was not adequately preparing soldiers to meet this threat. Through ARI's participation in and observation of the BRM programs at four ATCs, problems were identified in four areas of training.2 10 These problems are summarized in Table 1.

Pump Shotgun Silhouette

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