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Any soldier who has received rifle marksmanship training in the past 20 years, and that's just about everyone, has benefited from the products of ARI research, probably without even being aware of it. This report highlights the many contributions we have made to marksmanship research since 1977. These contributions have included the development and evaluation of new training programs, along with a host of instructional materials for Army trainers. Our scientists have either developed or evaluated most of the marksmanship simulators and training devices in use today. In recent years, we have investigated the complex operational and training problems surrounding night fighting, as well as the relationship between simulator performance and live-fire qualification scores. Using a software tool developed by ARI, trainers can now calculate predicted scores for live-fire events based on scores from a number of different training devices.

Some of our marksmanship research products continue to be used today, two decades after they were originally developed. ARI products have continued to influence the design of follow-on training materials by other organizations, as new weapon systems and equipment have been fielded. Further, ARI has not lost sight of the marksmanship training challenges the Army will face as it enters the new millennium. The most significant marksmanship training problems we see ahead are discussed at the conclusion of this report.


Kenneth L. Evans, Jean L. Dyer, and Joseph D. Hagman U. S. Army Research Institute


Approved for Public Release Distribution Unlimited

ARI Special Report 44 October 2000


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