Moving Target Engagement Training Aids

Aid to Improved Marksmanship (AIM) book was developed by ARI to teach and reinforce aiming skills, particularly adjusted aiming ,1 points for moving targets and for the effects of wind and gravity. The AIM book consists of multiple sets of parallel photographic targets, each set printed on separate pages in the book. The right hand target in each set is covered by a flap.

The Dry Fire Moving Target Engagement Trainer (DRY MOVER) was developed to teach soldiers how to smoothly track and lead moving targets prior to live firing. This portable and relatively inexpensive device consists of two scaled three-dimensional targets, each situated in front of a curved shield and mounted at the end of an aluminum rod. The rod is seated on a rotating shaft driven by a variable speed, reversible AC motor. As many as 15 soldiers can be arranged in a semi-circle (5m radius) around the device during training. Target exposure times can be controlled by changing the position of the targets relative to the curved shields. Depending on the rod's direction of rotation, targets are seen as moving from j j*. --------------

right to left (clockwise) or left to right ! PL— „, ____

(counterclockwise). Two DRY MOVERS were 1 UJ ^ "f / f fabricated by the TASC at Fort Benning to /""fe. ISI l?

support the new ARM training program WSS^ !

Soldiers position a clear plastic sheet, on which a replica of the rifle's front and rear sights is superimposed, over the left hand target. After deciding the best point of aim to use for that target, the soldier lifts the flap over the right hand target. This exposes a dot on the right side of the plastic sheet, showing where a bullet would have theoretically impacted with the aiming point chosen.

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