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The Weaponeer is the granddaddy of all rifle marksmanship simulators and it was the first to be involved in ARI research. It is considered to be a full-task trainer, as it can simulate the noise and recoil of firing. Although the original Weaponeer presented only stationary targets, later models included moving targets as well. On its operator console, a replay of up to three seconds of barrel movement before firing can be displayed. This feature allows an instructor to diagnose errors in a soldier's application of marksmanship fundamentals.

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Marksmanship ManualWeaponeer Marksmanship Trainer

Early ARI research focused on helping instructors diagnose shooting errors using the replay feature of the Weaponeer. A guide for Weaponeer instructors was developed from information and data obtained through interviews, field observation, and experimental research.28 ARI research concluded the Weaponeer could be used to quickly and effectively diagnose shooting problems, though high demand for the limited numbers of Weaponeers purchased made them impractical for widespread use in the conduct of remedial training. At that time, only nine simulated shots could be fired on a Weaponeer for each initial entry soldier, given the number of soldiers to be trained and the number of simulators available. Thus, ARI recommended its use as a diagnostic tool, but not as a substitute for any live firing. Later research with the Weaponeer examined moving target engagement methods and the relationship between performance on the Weaponeer and performance during actual rifle marksmanship qualification.19 29

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