Little Buckaroo Bolt Action Rifle

Attention Buyers and Parents: Although this rifle has dimensions designed to fit young people, it should never be used by any youth without strict adult supervision. and should be stored under lock and key.


This manual contains operating, care and maintenance instructions. To assure safe operation, any user of this firearm must read this manual'carefully. This manual should always accompany this firearm, and be transferred with it upon change of ownership. The warranty card attached to the cover must be filled out and mailed within 10 days of purchase. WARNING: KEEP THIS FIREARM OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN




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Ths firearm warranty s cpcd only :o the ORIGINAL OWNER who has regisiered his ownership wih trie Martin Firearms Company al 100 Kenna DrK*e, North Haven. Ccrnecticut. WARRANTY and CERTIFICATE OF OWNERSHIP card must be axnpleted and mai'ed to The Martin Frearms Company al the above address WITHIN TEN (10) DAYS of purchase 10 irsue the prcte^on cf the warranty. NOTICE 0' defect in materials ardor workmanship must be received by the company WITHIN FIVE (5) YEARS from itie dale ol purchase Normal wear, cr damage resjCrg from neglect. abcse. alteration, or repairs r.ol made cr atftorzed by The Martin Firearms Company or use of ron-Martin parts are noi covered by the warranty. THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS. AND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO STATE.


1. Afte- notice ol defect in material and'or wortcmanshp is received by the Martin Firearms Company. Martin sha'l serd instructors for shipment of the Srearm; and repairs v.iP be made and tne firearm returned within a reasonable lime after the firearm rs received. Cost of shpping, insurance charges, etc involved in returning the firearm 10 the company shall to prepaid by the original owner.

2 Cost cf parts and tabor performed shall be provided without charge by the Marin Frearms Company.

3. H The Marin Firearms Compare/, after receipt ol the firearm, determines thai the delects in material aod'Cr wrt<marshp were the resui; o> abuse and'or regie«, or otnerwse rot covered by the warranty set forth above, Martin shall notfy such owner to that elfoci and gwe an estimate (or repair. In such cases, repair, return shippng and insurance charges, etc. shall be pad by such owner.

4 In the evert that The Martin Firearms Company is unable to make warranty repairs »tne firearm, il shall, with'n a reasonab'e lime after its receipt, noiify the owner to that effect ard give him the option eilher to recen* a replacement ol the same rode:, il then available in its inventor/, or to receive a refund, either of which, if leas-b'e, wil be mads through the store of purchase.

The Marlin Firearms Company

100 Kenna Drive, North Haven. CT 06473

Before You Use This Firearm

It is very important that you read and understand this manual before using your new rifle. Warnings are highlighted in red, and should be read and heeded carefully. Also follow the safety rules listed in "Marlin's Guide to Gun Safety", printed in this manual. • WARNING: Your rifle was shipped completely assembled and should not be used or disassembled without fully reading and understanding the instructions in this manual.

How Your Rifle is Made

Your rifle has been made to Marlin's strictest standards of safety and reliability. It has been proof tested with a high pressure load, function fired, and sighted-in at the factory. Built with tradition and engineered to give years of service, your rifle is the product of over a century of Marlin technology.

Your Bolt Action Rifle

Your rifle is designed to shoot 22 caliber Short, Long, or Long Rifle ammunition.

Like all Marlin bolt action 22's, your rifle is grooved for scope mounting.

How to Operate the Safety

• WARNING: Prior to firing, become familiar with the operation of the safety by practicing with the rifle unloaded.

The safety is a round button located on the right side of the receiver behind the bolt handle. The words "FIRE" and "SAFE" are engraved on either side of the safety button. To put your rifle on SAFE, first cock it, by lifting the bolt handle and pulling it back (a red dot on top of the striker knob will be visible), then pull the safety button back as far as it will go. The safety is now on SAFE (see A). To move your safety to the FIRE position, push the safety button forward as far as it will go. The safety is now in the FIRE position (see B). If the trigger is pulled with the safety button in this position, the gun will fire.

• WARNING: Never put the safety between the SAFE and FIRE positions. Always place it in either the full forward or full rearward position. Unless the safety is as far back as it will go (SAFE), you cannot be certain whether it is on SAFE or FIRE. If the trigger is then pulled, the gun may fire.

• WARNING: Never disassemble the safety. It has been correctly designed, fitted and tested. Any mechanical device can fail, however, so never rely on the safety to justify careless handling. Never use a gun with a safety that does not function properly. (See instructions for factory maintenance on page 4.)

Fire (Of/Sale) Position

How to Load Your Rifle

• WARNING: Never attempt to load your rifle with ammunition that does not meet the cartridge designation stamped on the barrel. We recommend clean, dry, factory-loaded ammunition.

• WARNING: Before loading this firearm always check the bore to be sure it is free of grease, oil or any other obstruction. Be sure the chamber is empty, bolt is open and the safety is on SAFE.

Your rifle holds only one cartridge. Open the bolt and put the safety on SAFE. Place a cartridge into the loading port (bullet end toward the muzzle) and close the bolt.

How to Fire

With the gun pointed at the target, move the safety to the FIRE position and squeeze the trigger. Open the bolt completely to eject the fired cartridge case.

How to Unload

With the safety on SAFE, and the gun pointed in a safe direction open the bolt and eject the loaded cartridge from the chamber.

What to Do if Rifle Fails to Fire

1. Misfires:

If you squeeze the trigger and the cartridge does not fire, remain in the shooting position and count to 10. Then operate the bolt to eject the misfired cartridge from the gun.

2. Underpowered Shot:

A "squib" or underpowered shot should not occur if the ammunition is clean, dry and factory loaded. You can tell if a shot is underpowered by the unusually low report it makes.

• WARNING: Because the bullet may actually still be in the barrel, you must unload completely and with the bolt removed, look through the barrel to see if there is any obstruction. If there is, it should be removed by a qualified gunsmith.


Your rifle was pre-sighted at the factory.

However, due to individual sighting characteristics, minor adjustments may be necessary.

1. Vertical Correction (Elevation)

To raise the point of impact, raise the rear sight. To lower the point of impact, lower the rear sight. The sight can be raised and lowered by moving the stepped elevator forward and back with your thumb.

2. Horizontal Correction (Windage) To move the point of impact to the left, move the rear sight base to the left. To move the point of impact to the right, move the rear sight base to the right.

Windage adjustments to the rear sight can be made by gently tapping the dovetail portion of the rear sight in the desired direction.

How to clean your rifle

• WARNING: Before cleaning your rifle, be certain it is completely unloaded, and the bolt has been removed.

With normal use it is not necessary to clean the bore of your rifle. However, if the rifle gets wet or if foreign material gets into the action or barrel, cleaning as described below is recommended. Being sure your rifle is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction, open the bolt, pull the trigger fully to the rear and completely withdraw the bolt from the rear of the receiver, as shown in C.

Clean the bore and barrel by using any standard .22 caliber commercial cleaning rod and cleaning patches. Clean the barrel with powder solvent and wipe lightly with gun oil after cleaning.

• WARNING: Further disassembly of the action is not recommended and should only be attempted by a qualified gunsmith.

To replace the bolt, pull the trigger and hold it back, while inserting the bolt into the rear of the receiver. Never force the

Removing the bo't.

bolt into the receiver, as serious damage may result. If you encounter difficulty, remove the bolt and re-check alignment.

• WARNING: Never attempt to wipe down or clean a loaded gun. Follow instructions under "How to unload" before cleaning.

Avoid the use of oil during below freezing conditions. Condensation droplets may form soon after the gun is brought into a warm room, or it may become wet during inclement weather. In any case, all moisture should be removed. Exterior metal finishes may be wiped down with a slightly oiled cloth. For long term storage, lightly oil the bore, barrel and action with gun oil. Your gun should be completely unloaded and stored in a dry area. Never store your gun in a carrying case.

• WARNING: We specifically disclaim responsibility for any damage or injury occurring in connection with, or as the result of, the use, in any Marlin manufactured firearm, of faulty, non-standard, "remanufactured", or handloaded (reloaded) ammunition.

Repair Instructions

Your firearm has been designed, engineered and manufactured in accordance with Marlin's rigid quality control standards. However, any mechanical device may occasionally require adjustment or repair.

Questions regarding the performance and serviceability of your firearm should be addressed to Marlin Gun Service. You should include the Serial Number, Model Number and a full description of the conditions and problems involved.

Warranty Repairs

Our Warranty policy covers all our firearms against defects in workmanship or material for a period of five years from the date of purchase to the original owner. See the inside front cover of this manual for warranty details.

Guns requiring warranty repairs should be returned to the factory. Be sure to follow the "Shipping and Handling" instructions on this page.

Non-Warranty Repairs

Your local gunsmith may be able to repair your gun. If not, ship it to the factory, following the Shipping and Handling instructions on this page.

After receiving your firearm, we will send you an estimate of the repair cost. Repairs will begin upon receipt of your check or money order. If repairs are not possible, your gun will be returned.

Shipping and Handling

When sending your firearm to the factory please follow these instructions:

1. Prior to mailing, be absolutely certain that the firearm is completely unloaded (See "How to Unload" on page 2).

2. Pack your gun carefully. Use ample cushioning material and a sturdy outer cardboard box. Do not ship in a special container which you want returned.

3. Accessories such as scopes, scope mounts, gun case, quick detach type swivels, sling straps, etc. should be removed prior to returning the firearm.

4. Inside the box. include the following information: model number, serial number. description of damage or problem, and under what conditions problem occurs.

5. Clearly mark your return address on the outside of the box and on your instruction sheet.

6. Do not ship live ammunition under any circumstances.

7. Ship your firearm via insured Parcel Post or U.P.S. Shipment must be prepaid and addressed to:



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