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Marlin's Guide to Gun Safety

1. Handle every gun as you would a cocked and loaded gun.

2. Keep the safety on SAFE until you are ready to shoot.

3. Be sure Of your target before you shoot.

4. Before target shooting, be sure you have an adequate becks-op. Remember, a:i rifle ammunition is dangerous at ranges up to, and in excess of a mile.

5. Control the muzzle, and never point a gun at anything you don't want to shcot.

6. Ahvays wear protective glasses when shooting.

7. Wear hearing protectors when target shooting.

8. Do net use modified, damaged or dirty ammunition.

9. Use only ammunition of the correct caSber, size and bullet shape.

10. Cartridges that have been Improperly handtoaded can damage the gun and cause personal injury.

11. Avoid ricochets by rever shooting at water, or any hard, flat surface.

12. Be sure no one is in path of ejecting shells.

13. Never climb or jump over a fence or other obstacle with a loaded gun.

14. Never climb into or out of a tree, or tree stand v.ith a toaded firearm.

15. Never pull a gun toward you by the muzzle.

16. Avoid alcoholic beverages before and during shoeing.

17. Never use a gun that fails to function property. Do not try to force a jammed action.

18. Be sure lo keep the barrel and mechanism free of obstructions.

19. Before cleaning, be sure the chamber, action and magazine ore ccmplete-V ur.'oaded.

20. Ahivays unload a gun before storing, transporting, or leaving unattended.

21. Never enter a motcf vehicle with a loaded gun.

22. Store guns and ammunition separatciy. locked and beyond the reach of chMren.

23. Always cam/ your rifle empty with the action open, except when you intent to shoot.

24. Avod bumping, dropping or jarring any firearm, Bumping, dropping or jarring has resulted in certain firearms discharging accidentally under some circumstances.

25. Consul oahoi's manual before using any firearm.

Failure to follow these rules, or other instructions in this manual, can result In personal Injury.

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