Safety Warning

Marlin strongly recommends that you take a hunter safety course, taught by a certified instructor, before you use this firearm. Your State Fish & Game Dept. or a local gun shop can suggest courses in your area.

Center Fire Rifles



Lever Action Rifles. Available in the following calibers: 30/30 Win., 35 Rem., 45/70 Gov't., 444 Marlin.

Lever Action Carbines. Available in the following calibers: 44 Rem. Mag./44 S&W Spl., 357 Mag./38 Spl.

Self-loading Carbines. Available in 9mm Luger and 45 Auto.

Bolt Action. The Original Marlin 12 gauge Goose Gun, and Model 512 Slugmaster,7u with rifled barrel.

Marlin 22 Rimfire Rifles i

Lever Action. The legendary Model 39 is available in twoversions:39ASwith24"barrelandpistolgripstock, and 39TDS with 16V2" barrel and straight grip stock.

Self-loading. Models available with either large-capacity tubular magazines, or convenient clips.

Bolt Action. Tubular-fed repeaters, clip-fed repeaters and a single shot, as well as models chambered for 22 Win. Magnum Rim Fire.

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