How to Load

•WARNING: Never attempt to load your rifle with ammunition that does not meet the cartridge designation stamped on the barrel. Use only clean, dry, factory-loaded ammunition which conforms to industry standards.

•WARNING: Your rifle is a self-loading .22 caliber designed for .22 Long Rifle High Velocity cartridges only (not Hyper-Velocity). Shorts, Longs, and Shot cartridges can be loaded and fired, but Marlin does not recommend them, as feeding will not be reliable and damage or injury may result from their use.

•WARNING: Before loading your rifle, always check the bore and chamber to be sure they are free of grease, oil or any other obstruction.

•WARNING: This rifle will not function properly unless the inner magazine tube is locked securely in place.

•WARNING: Never add cartridges to a partially loaded tubular magazine.

•WARNING: The following procedure is the only recommended method of loading.

Be sure the chamber is empty, the safety is on SAFE, the bolt is in the "last shot" automatic hold-open position, and the rifle is pointed in a safe direction. To load the magazine, turn the rifle upside down and, keeping your fingers away from the muzzle, unlock the inside magazine tube by turning the knurled locking end plug (See F). Extract the inside tube from the outside tube until the loading port is exposed (See G).

With the muzzle raised, drop Long Rifle cartridges into the loading port, bullet end toward the muzzle (See G). When you have loaded up to 14 cartridges, slide the tube back in place, turning it slightly to ease passage over the loaded rounds. DO NOT FORCE THE TUBE DOWN. Then rotate the knurled locking end plug to the locked position.

The inner tube will not lock in place if the number of cartridges loaded exceeds the stated magazine capacity.

•WARNING: Your rifle is not designed to be single-loaded. Always load cartridges through the magazine as directed above.

With the safety on SAFE and the rifle pointed in a safe direction, close the bolt by pressing the bolt release lever in front of the trigger guard (See C). This should close the bolt on an empty chamber. Now, to chamber a cartridge, you must pull the

Unlocking the magazine

Loading the magazine

Unlocking the magazine

Loading the magazine

Pull charging handle all the way back

charging handle all the way back and let the bolt snap forward again (See H & I).

22lr Rifle Safety
Let it snap forward

•WARNING: Your rifle is now cocked and ready to fire as soon as the safety is pushed to the FIRE position.

How to Fire

Push the safety to the "FIRE" position and, with the rifle pointed at the target, squeeze the trigger. Since your rifle is self-loading, after each shot it is ready to be fired again, until the magazine, feedthroat, and chamber are empty, at which point the automatic "last shot" bolt hold-open will engage.

If you do not fire all cartridges in the magazine, be sure to put the safety on "SAFE" until you are ready to shoot again.

•WARNING: Because of its self-loading action, if the bolt of your rifle is completely closed, you must assume that it is cocked and loaded.

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