Mauser Kar

Model Belgian Mauser Right Side View Of Receiver Section With Bolt Fully Retracted

Belgian Mauser

This weapon was designed for quick loading through the top of the action with the now famous Mauser strip-in clip. The clip was inserted in the guide, and the cartridges were stripped down off it by thumb pressure directly into the magazine below. Note that the magazine was also removable to permit insertion of larger magazines and for cleaning. The bolt stop is in the form of a hinged lever with a tooth projecting into a groove in the receiver for the left locking lug of the bolt. This lever...

The German World War Ii Kar K

German Mauser Rifles

With plastic stock. 3. With special winter trigger. Mechanically these are all practically the same as the Gew. 98. However, they have the wide gas flange, magazine follower bolt stop, an d improved sights, etc. developed in 1924. Persian Mauser Carbine. Caliber 7.92 mm German. Mechanically the same as the German. Belgium made these Mauser System rifles and carbines for general export. Barrel lengths, stock types, slings, sights and calibers could be dictated by the...