Action Open And Magazine Loaded

This rifle, manufactured by Mauser as well as others (but not of Mauser design) functions as follows: Lifting the bolt handle through 90 degrees to the left cams the firing pin point back inside the bolt cylinder and revolves the lugs at the forward end of the cylinder out of their recesses in the receiver. Initial extraction is also started by this movement.

The bolt handle is pulled straight to the rear as far as it will go. A Mann-licher type clip of modified design holding 5-round nose Model 88 cartridges is thrust down into the magazine through the top of the action. Since the top and bottom of the clips are open, the bottom cartridge rests on the follower arm and forces it down. As the follower pivots, its forward point forces the magazine spring guide ahead and compresses the spiral magazine spring. When the clip is all the way in, the clip latch is forced forward by its spiral spring to hook into an engagement notch in the back of the clip.

The drawing shows the rifle ready for the forward movement of the bolt. Pushing the bolt forward will cause its face to strip the top cartridge from between the folded-over lips of the clip and cAamber it. The extractor in the face of the removable bolt head will snap into the extracting groove in the cartridge case. Turning the bolt handle down will induce cam action to complete closing movement. The cartridge will chamber, and the bolt lugs will be revolved into their recesses behind the head of the cartridge case. The cam surface at the rear of the bolt cylinder acting on the corresponding face in the cocking-piece will force that piece back to complete cocking the arm ready for firing.

This rifle design has several defects. It can normally be used as a single loader only when the magazine is empty. Furthermore the magazine cannot be reloaded by introducing individual cartridges;

Rifle Sectional View

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