This pistol is an essentially simple design. Like the Mauser Military Pistol, it has a maximum of built-in contacts and bearing surfaces and does not depend upon pins or screws for its assembly.


Dismounting this arm is quite simple: The recoil spring guide protruding with its locking edges from the receiver below the muzzle, is pressed and turned to free it. It is then pulled forward for removal. The slide is then drawn back over an empty magazine. The barrel may then be lifted straight up out of the receiver. Inserting a magazine and then withdrawing it will release the slide and permit the recoil spring to pull it forward. The slide and recoil spring assembly will come off the receiver runners to the front. The striker and extractor may be removed from the slide. Removing the stock screws and working the stock off the back of the receiver grip, then working off the receiver lock plate on the left side will expose all the action with its interlocking parts for removal if necessary.

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