Caliber Mm Mauser

This arm (known in Germany as the "Schnell-Feuer-Pistole") is a full and semi-automatic weapon which is not strictly a pistol. It is more directly classifiable as a submachine gun.

It should be emphasized that its unlicensed ownership in the U. S. is a criminal offense, punishable under Federal Law. It must be registered with the Federal Authorities.

This arm is a modification of the original Military Model 7.63mm Mauser, and partakes of most of its general characteristics.

It was manufactured with a 10-shot box type magazine flush with the magazine housing (the bottom of the triggerguard) and also with a 20 shot magazine. Both are detachable.

When loaded through the top with a 10-shot clip, it loads in practically standard Mauser pistol fashion. However, it may also be loaded by inserting a loaded magazine from below. The breechblock must then be pulled back and allowed to move forward to chamber a cartridge. (When this arm is loaded from a clip through the top of the open action, the breechblock moves forward to chamber a cartridge when the clip is removed and the breechblock released from its rear open position.)

When loading this model, pulling the breechblock back cocks the hammer, which then rises into a cut in the underside of the breechblock to hold it open. Drawing back the hammer slightly with the thumb will ease it out of its notch in the underside of the breechblock to release that member. (Note that this differs from the original pistil in which removal of the clip alone releases the breechblock).

When the last cartridge has been fired, the breechblock is held back by a projecting stud on the carrier which leaves the pistol ready to receive a new magazine and also warns that the arm is empty.

In loading these later models, when the action is open, two successive clips of 10 cartridges each may be stripped down from above through the open action.

In unloading this weapon, the magazine should first be withdrawn, and then the breechblock pulled to the rear sharply to eject the cartridge from the chamber.

Note that this arm differs from the standard Military Model pistol in having a magazine release stud provided on the right side of the

712 Mauser

Mauser Model 712 semi- and full-automatic pistol with 20-shot detachable magazine inserted. Fire control switch is on left side of receiver. This arm is officially classed in the submachine gun category.

oo \n receiver┬╗ (The true pistol has a fixed instead of a detachable box magazine,)

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