Buffer pins inserted into the extractor spring activate the extractor under pressure of its spring both when snapping into the extracting groove in the cartridge case on forward movement of the breechblock, and in pivoting away from that groove as the ejector on rearward movement of the breechblock compels ejection through the port in the right side of the slide. The rear buffer pin retains the thumb safety in the slide in its applied position. These assemblies should not normally be dismounted. They are intended to be removed only for repair and by a competent gunsmith.

The Sights. The front sight in this arm is a part of the slide forging. A rib is matted on top of the slide for its full length. The rear sight is dovetailed into a cut in the rear section of the top of the breechblock slide.

The Receiver. The receiver forms the handle of the arm, guides the travel of the breechblock back and forth during recoil and houses the following parts: The rotating hammer, with its strut and mainspring assemblies and with pin to the sear lever; the trigger with its spring and pin; the trigger sear, the interruptor, the trigger catch with its spring and pin, the angle piece, sear lever, mainspring, ejector with spring, barrel holder with spring, grip plates and screws, magazine complete, and magazine catch and pin.

Safety. The safety in this weapon is a thumb lever mounted on the left hand side of the slide at the rear with a shaft passing inside the slide. On rotating the lever, the firing pin is pulled within the breechblock and its rear is elevated and locked so that the falling hammer cannot reach its head to fire a cartridge accidentally; and so that any straightline pin movement is impossible.

The Magazine Assembly. This consists of the standard steel box type magazine with sides cut away enough to permit counting the cartridges it contains. The magazine box has top lips which are folded over to permit insertion of cartridges from the forward end when they are thrust down on the follower and then slid in underneath the lips, and which are cut away at the rear enough to permit the head of the breechblock to hit the top cartridge and strip it into the firing chamber on forward movement of the slide. The follower or platform on which the cartridges rest, the magazine spring below the follower, and the bottom plate which serves as the lower compression point for the spring are the other components.

The magazine catch is a thumbpiece in the rear of the lower part of the grip which is pushed back to release the magazine for withdrawal from below. This catch operates under pressure from the mainspring which lies above it in the rear of the grip section of the receiver, and which thus provides two spring functions.

The Coordinated Action of the Parts

When the safety is off, and a loaded magazine is inserted in the grip, pulling back on the slide will cause the forward section of the slide around the muzzle to thrust back the recoil spring around the flbzugsfeder /tbzug^ ) flbzugsstdnge fluswerfer

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