For Rapid Magazine Unloading

In this type pushing a lever below the magazine bottom permits the bottom and magazine follower and spring to come out and permits removal of the cartridges without the necessity of working them through the action. Special hunting sights were furnished on this Model.

As modified after 1924, this design ha5 the wide gas flange issued in that year. Photograph from original Mauser records.

piece. The pistol grip is steel capped. The steel plate is ribbed and has a trap for cleaning rod which may be screwed together. Sling swivels are provided.

This model was made in the following calibers: 6.5 x 54 mm (.256), 7 x 57 mm (.276), 8 x 51 mm (.315), 8 x 60 mm (315), and 9 x 57 mm (.355).

Type S Sporter

This model is practically the same as the type M except for checkering and bolt handle shape. This type was also made with flat bolt handle but may be encountered with pear shaped bolt handle. The wooden stock extends to the muzzle of the 20-inch barrel where it is joined with a steel cap. This type weighs about 7-pounds. For the U. S. trade it was manufactured in caliber .30-06 U. S. The selling price for this caliber was about $175, or about $25 higher than for the other calibers.

The Mauser Magnum Action

The so called "Magnum Action" is identical in all respects with the standard Mauser except for size and weight, being designed for super-power cartridges. It was used on type A rifles in calibers 10.75 x 68 mm and .404 Jeffery.

On special order Mauser-Magnum actions were also provided in the U. S. for the .280 Ross or the 318 W. R. Express. The American selling price of these Magnums was about $250.00. This is approximately double the cost of the standard action.

The only differences in design required by use of Magnum receivers develops where very large cartridges are used. When stacking in double or staggered rows would make the rifle too bulky, receivers are modified to use a box magazine extending below the line of the stock.

Receivers are all basically short, standard Qr Magnum lengths and weights, but each is specially milled for the cartridge used.

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