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TYPE A MODEL 98-08. MAUSER MAGAZINE RIFLE WITH TELESCOPE This Model with telescope and set triggers was designed for precision game shooting. Except for the triggers, it is mechanically the same as the Gewehr 98.

Stocks, calibers, general specifications and magazine floor plate release systems vary to a tremendous degree; but the mechanics are the same generally.

These rifles weighed about 7.25 to 7.75 pounds.

A table of ballistics for their cartridges is listed above. Ammunition when available may be obtained from the Stoeger Arms Corporation 507 Fifth Ave., New York, New York.

Type B Sporter

The Type B was manufactured in a variety of patterns.

They were made for the following cartridges: 7 x 57 mm (.276), 8 x 60 mm (.315), 9 x 57 mm (.355), 93 x 62 mm (.360), 10.75 x 68 mm (.423). The first pattern was supplied with 24-inch round barrel, silver bead foresight on matted block, pear-shaped bolt knob, hinged magazine bottom plate with lever release, walnut stock with cheek-piece, full checkered and steel capped pistol grip, hard rubber butt plate and sling swivels.

This type had dual set triggers. One model had leaf sights up to 300 yards, while another had a tangent curve sight up to 1000 yards.

The second pattern of this type B was the same as the first pattern except that a single trigger was used.

The third type was the same except that the barrel was half octagon. This was a set trigger model.

Pattern four had a single trigger and a full octagon barrel.

Pattern five was the same as pattern four with full octagon barrel but had set trigger.

Type K Sporter

The type K was a light weight short rifle with a 21.5-inch barrel. Other characteristics were the same as for the type A. It was made in single trigger and hair set-trigger type; also with round, partly round, partly octagon and full octagon barrels.

The type K was furnished only in calibers 6.5 x 54 mm (.256), 8 x 51 mm (.315), and .250-3000 Savage.

Note: The "K" action is identical with the standard but is shorter and lighter. "K" here means "kurz" or "short".

Type M Sporter

The type M was made with both single trigger and set triggers and with leaf sights or tangent curved sights. It is unusual in that the stock extends to the muzzle. The barrel is round and is 20-inches long. A silver bead from sight on a matted block is standard. The bolt handle is flat, another characteristic. The hinged magazine bottom plate has a lever release. The walnut stock has a checkered cheek

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