Mauser 7.9 X 56mm

15.5 mm 28 mm tturje« Ödjugtjolj


2Crt be« t>ifler* tti$tbogen

4$t>e 6e« *orn« über 6er Öcetena^fe 21,2 mm bee ®tan6t>ifier« 23,3 mm lAnge 6er Ö;tanbt>ilterlinie 645,9 mm etan6t>iff<r auf fciftans von . . . 400 m

Wilerfteflung 2000 m

ITt unit ¿ort: <£ea>i$t bet leeren l«6eflreifen« , . 7| 3al)I ber Patronen im la6efhreifen . 5 <&efamtlange 6er Patrone 80,6 mm <5efamtge«>i#t ber Patrone. . . . 23£ %

(Bcfaofjart ItTantel mit fpiger ,form

<5ef$ofiiange 28mm lange in 'Kalibern 3,45

<Sr$flter fc>ur<&metfer 8^2 mm ntatcrial 6«» iltantd» .

Ittaterial be» Hern» 2,5% UntitnonbW

puIoerIa6ung 3£ g la6ung«wr^altnifle <V32

<B«fifloflgeftynrinbtgftit t>. 0 875 m <5ef(^of gef<b»inbigfeit v. 25 m . . 855 münbungtenergie 6e« <5ef<boife« . . 390 mkg (5a«6ru<f 3500 Atm.

¿euergefftwinbigreit: «ejidte minutf. eftfifle 25

ttteftaniffte leißung: Ungejieite tnmuti. 0$üfle 50 3*M 6er <5ewel>rbe(Vanbteile ®3

Official Mauser dimensions and ballistics of 7.9 mm pointed bullet cartridge. Compare with similar table for the old round nose bullet and Mauser rifle for It as shown on page 87.

Note also that the Austrian 8mm Mannlicher-Schoenauer is an entirely different cartridge from either one of the German. It is actually 8.2 x 56mm. Its case is shorter than the Mauser case, and the neck is differently placed.

Some idea of the number of these rifles made may be gained from the fact that in the year 1890 to 1891, Ludwig Loewe & Company supplied 425,000 model 1888 rifles to the German Army alone. These rifles were manufactured at the two Loewe plants at Charlottenberg on the outskirts of Berlin, and at the Mauser WafTenfabrik, at Obern-dorf, in Württemberg. All these plants were under the financial con-

(Pefamttenge 1250mm

25rrite eine* 3uge« 4,4 mm fcraU, ein Umgang auf 240 mm fcratttiätung re$t»

3Dur$mcfler unter fcem Äorn . . . 15,5 mm fcurtbrnefler unter bem <B«win6eteil . 28 mm


be* fcorn» über btv $eelena$fe 21,5 mm t>es ©tanbütfier« 23,0 mm

£Ange ber Öranbrntfeulime 645,75 mm

@ranbi>ifier auf tJifVanj oon ... 200 m kWQt IDiflerPeUung 2000 ra munition: <5ewi<$t bei leeren labeftretfen* . 3a<)i btr Patronen im ¿abgreifen <5cfamtlAng« 6er Patrone . <Scfamtgeu>i4t 6er Patrone.

<5ewi$t ber ^filfe <Bef#oflart (BefaofclAnge . . . länge in Äaltbero . (Bewti&t be* (Beföoffe* <Buerf#nitt*bela(iung

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