Mauser Caliber Repeating Rifles

Like the single shot rifle above, the 22 repeaters are all bolt action. As in the original military Mausers, a cam action of the bolt handle when opening the breech provides primary extraction to loosen the cartridge case, thereby assuring proper ejection.

The striker and firing pin, as in the case of the large Mauser, are in one piece, insuring the shortest firing stroke and time. The pull-off is the double military type and is adjustable.

In early models the rearward travel of the bolt was halted by the sear, but on improved models, a special bolt catch connected with the receiver was provided.

All genuine Mauser repeating 22 rifles have detachable box magazines, inserted in the receiver from below ahead of the triggerguard. Jhty customarily hold 5-cartridges. These magazines have slots to show the number of cartridges remaining therein.

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