Mauser Caliber Single Shot Rifles

Mauser manufactured a large line of single shot and repeating bolt action .22 caliber rifles. Following is a list of the types:

1. Bolt action single shot with 20-inch round barrel and standing rear sight. No safety catch. Overall length 27 inches. Weight 4 pounds. This is a low priced rifle for sale at competitive prices. It is not intended for accurate target work.

2. The second model single shot has a 25.5-inch barrel with tangent curve sight graduated from 30 to 200 yards and wind gauge. The foresight is dovetailed into a raised block. This model is provided with sling swivels. It has a safety catch which is missing in the cheaper model. Overall length is 44-inches and weight about 6.5 pounds.

3. The single shot match rifle. This model has a 27.5-inch barrel, detachable screw rear sight with adjustable notch, safety catch, checkered pistol grip with horn cap, horn steel plate, and sling swivels. The overall length is 45.75 inches and the weight is 7.75 pounds. This type maye be fitted with a telescope sight. This is a precision rifle for target shooting.

Mauser .22 caliber arms are referred to in Europe as "Mauserlein", meaning diminutive, or small, Mausers.

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