Mauser Model H Sc Caliber

Left side view with side cutaway to show arm uncocked but ready for firing by double action pull-through on trigger. When there is a cartridge in the firing chamber, it is not necessary to thumb or slide cock this weapon to fire it for the first shot.

Rear detail.

Slide detail showing extractor and spring; and thumb safety spring.

barrel against the abutment near the barrel chamber. This compression provides the motive power for forward motion of the breechblock-slide. The slide is machined in the rear breech section to permit it to thrust back and ride over the hammer. The hammer rotating on its pin thrusts its shaft (or strut) down, thereby compressing the mainspring mounted around it. The sear catches and holds the hammer at full cock. The magazine spring forces a cartridge up in line for feeding as the slide is pulled back far enough to clear the top of the magazine.

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Mauser 1934 Handgun Disassembly Diagram



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