Mauser Semiautomatic Rifle With Longrecoil

LOCKING SYSTEM Right side view at moment of ejection. This is the third phase in long-recoil operation. The barrel has been returned by its spring to battery position ready to load. As the barrel was pulled forward from over the empty cartridge case, the ejector was actuated to hit the case held in the face of the breechblock by the extractor, resulting in ejection as shown. As the case leaves the rifle the breechblock catch is automatically freed. The compressed operating or recoil spring in the receiver behind the breechblock now starts to push that member forward. The sear catching in its bent in the striker, holds it in readiness to be cocked.

MAUSER SEMIAUTOMATIC RIFLE WITH LONG-RECOIL LOCKING SYSTEM Top JAne: Right side view showing arm with chamber reloaded ready for firing. When the breechblock moved forward, its face hit the top cartridge in the magazine and drove it to the firing chamber. The rear section of the breechblock exerting pressure on the rotating bolt head in its front end, caused the feather traveling in the receiver cam groove to revolve the bolt head into locking position at the close of the forward stroke. Pressure on the trigger will fire the cartridge in the chamber and start the automatic cycle of recoiling, unlocking, ejecting, reloading, relocking and cocking. Second and Third Lines: Solid and sectional views in fired and unlocked position and also in cocked and locked position.

recoil spring drove the breechblock assembly forward. As the breechblock completed its forward movement, the projecting surfaces of the bolt locks hit surfaces on the barrel extension which cammed them in to engage in cuts in the side of the breechblock.

A standard type rotating hammer which struck the firing pin in the breechblock to discharge the arm constituted the firing mechanism in this design.

A special retaining catch was incorporated in some models to permit using the arm as a single shot rifle while holding the magazine in reserve. Other features were a special barrel stop or buifer, a simple firing pin safety working through a transversely displaceable stop, and a special extractor having separate extracting claw and spring.

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