Mauser Type Rifles

Rifles manufactured on the Mauser system were very common in Europe. In military calibers, they were manufactured by Fabrique Nationale at Herstal, in Belgium, particularly in calibers 7.9 mm—the standard German army cartridge. However, they were manufactured to order in all military calibers.

Weapons of this caliber and of design practically identical with the German Kar. 98 were also manufactured at the official arms works at Brno, in Czechoslovakia. These Czech rifles are of very superior manufacture, and were made in sporting as well as military type. Yugoslavia also built them from 1924 on.

Rifles of this same design for military purposes, were also manu factured at Radom, an official arsenal in Poland. The Polish weapons were excellent rifles, but crude in workmanship by comparison with high German standards.

Mauser rifles are also manufactured at the Spanish arsenal at Oviedo, Spain, in Mexico City, Mexico, and in the Argentine. Some were also manufactured in China. All these rifles were manufactured with equipment purchased from Germany, and in accordance with German specifications.

The Mexican Mauser in particular, is an excellent weapon made of the finest material and workmanship.

As already stated, the great Steyr Works, in Austria, also manufactured Mauser-type rifles in large quantity for export to foreign government.

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