Mausernorris Right Side Sectional View Of Receiver With Action Closed

The rifle is cocked and loaded ready for firing by pressure on the trigger« Note the shape and position of the powerful ejector whose rear end is cammed down as the bolt is pulled to the rear, thereby lifting the front point of the ejector sharply to knock the empty case out the top of the rifle.

The extractor is lodged in the bottom of the lock shoe, in such a manner as to permit it to swing. In the chamber there is a recess to receive the rear end of the extractor (bent as a hook in front) when the locking is effected, so that the extractor is kept motionless. When the chamber is pulled back, the rear end of the extractor slides out of the recess, so that it is swung into its action position with its hook or ejection shoulder upward, thus giving the extracted empty cartridge case the necessary impetus for the ejection.

Patents: Of all the patents taken out for the innovations described above, United States Patent No. 78603 is of the greatest interest to us right now, for this single patent, awarded in the name of Norris and the Mauser brothers, is actually a summary of all the innovations covered by the various individual patents issued in other countries. We reproduce here literally its introduction and claims, as well as

Mauser Norris Rifle

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