Right side view of the original Mauser, the "Mauser-Norris," with action closed. This rifle, first patented in the U. S. jointly toy Paul Mauser and Wilhelm Mauser, inventors, and Samuel Norris of Springfield, Mass., as financial backer, is the parent arm from which the long line of Mauser rifles descended. This first design incorporated many of the basic Mauser charactertistics still in use in all bolt action military rifles.

Illustrations from original early Mauser records.

not exposed to friction, and therefore remained undamaged. From the point of view of the planned introduction of metallic cartridges, however, the rotatory bolt-head represented the great advantage of permitting the use of an extractor fastened immovably to the bolt-head.)

3) During opening, the fired empty cartridge is pulled back by a curve on the breech-shoe.

Mauser Norris Bolt Action Rifle

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