Model Belgian Mauser Right Side Phantom View Showing Bolt In Full Rear Position And Loaded Clip Of Cartridges Inserted In Clip Guide Ready For Stripping Into The Magazine

The details of the barrel jacket construction may be seen. The type of magazine follower and spring was altered considerably from the original concept in the interests of simplicity of design.

Pressing down with the thumb on the top cartridge will force all the cartridges down out of the grip of the sides of the clip, and by bearing down on the follower and its lever will compress the flat spring below it to provide motive power to force the cartridge up during rearward operation of the bolt. The magazine in this type protrudes below the bottom of the receiver well.

when using the weapon in rapid fire. A ring shrunk about the muzzle end of this tube carries the block for the front sight and the cleaning rod holder. A collar at the front end of this ring provides a mounting for the cross-bar of the sword type bayonet.

A somewhat thicker cylinder is fastened by the screws at one end to the rear of this casing and at the other to the receiver. A pin extends downward from this into a bushed hole in the stock. The rear sight is brazed onto the casing just ahead of the front reinforce. The sight re sembles that of the Lee-Enfield rifle except that the V-notches in the slide and the cap are smaller.

A groove is cut on either side of the boltway to permit the working of the bolt lugs and the extractor. The right side groove is partly cut away to permit ejection of cartridges to the right. The recesses for the locking lugs on the bolt are at the front end of these grooves.

Mauser Model 105

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