Model German Infantry Rifle Right Side View With Action Closed

This rifle is the prototype of all modern Mauser rifles. It introduced the feature of an extra or third lug at the rear of the bolt cylinder. This lug engages in a recess in the cylindrical part of the rear of the receiver to act as a safety factor in the unlikely event of the two locking lugs behind the cartridge case head letting go.

Another added feature of this design, and of the commercial 1904 and later pattern rifles by Mauser, is a small rib on the right side of the bolt cylinder which serves as a guide in withdrawing the bolt. When the bolt is closed this rib lies underneath and supports the extractor. The bolt face is recessed to receive the base of the rimless cartridge.

The arm as shown has the full 30-inch barrel length of the true rifle, the Gewehr 98. This arm was also made as a short rifle with a 24-inch barrel, and also as a true carbine with an 18-inch barrel.

The most modern Mauser rifles manufactured differ from this type only in such details as length, sights, furniture, and such modifications as were desirable for mass manufacture from stamped parts during war conditions.

World War II Mauser and Mauser System rifles, as well as all Sporting Mausers, are derived directly from this rifle. Mechanical differences are inconsequential. This is a basic design.

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