Model Mauser Automatic Pistol Left Side Phantom View With Action Closed And All Parts At Rest

The barrel and barrel extension, which travels in the receiver and which houses the firing assembly, are forged from a single unit in the genuine Mauser manufacture. At the instant of recoil, the barrel and the breechblock are securely locked by action of the toothed prop-up locking block seen with its teeth engaging in the underside of the breechblock. These teeth rise through a cut in the underside of the barrel extension to engage with notches in the underside of the breechblock when the action is fully home.

During the opening recoil movement as the weapon is discharged, the barrel and extension travels back locked with the breechblock. When the barrel hits its stop and its travel is halted, the prop-up block is far enough back that it can be cammed down out of engagement. This leaves the breechblock free to travel to the rear, to extract, eject and ride over and cock the hammer. The heavy coil spring positioned around the striker is not a striker spring. It is the recoil spring which serves to drive the breechblock forward on the loading stroke, since it is compressed during rearward movement of the breechblock. The coil spring with guide below the hammer is the mainspring. A small striker return spring is positioned just to the rear of the striker point.

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