Model Serbian Top View Of Action

The left hand receiver wall in this design more fully encloses the bolt than in the earlier German type. This was one of the important modification of design. It gave added strength to the action and provided for easier loading and better type ejection.

MODEL 78-80 SERBIAN INFANTRY RIFLE. Right side view of the rifle with action closed. This design was also made in the shorter carbine form. This rifle measured 50.7 inches overall and weighed 9.9 lbs.

The caliber was .395 inch, the barrel being rifled with 4-grooves to the right. The sights were ranged from 300 to 2025 meters.

This cartridge measured 3.08 inches overall and weighed 617 grains.

The length of the case was 2.35 inches and its weight 208 grains. The bullet weighed 340 grains, and measured 1.13 inches overall. Powder charge was 4.8 g of special black powder.

Many of these rifles were encountered in World War n in the Balkans. Some were converted to use box type magazines.

Serbian Mauser

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