Model Spanish Infantry Rifle Phantom View Of Right Side Of Action Showing Bolt Withdrawn And Rifle Ready For Loading

A comparison of this drawing with that of the Spanish

Model 91. and Model 92-93, will show the principal differences in design. The magazine follower and spring construction and the magazine base plate removal system vary in all these models. The sear and trigger system of the 92-93 and 93 Models are alike and are improved over the Model 91.

Note that in this type of design while the initial opening movement of the bolt withdraws the point of the firing pin back within the bolt head, the spring is only partly compressed. Lifting and then thrusting down the bolt handle will compress the striker spring and cock the weapon if desired.

A comparison of the bolt and cocking-piece shape with that of earlier models will show graphically the alterations in design. This arm in 7 mm Spanish Caliber is the basis for the rifle designs cf many South American nations. This rifle was manufactured not only by Mauser and by Ludwig Loewe & Co., but also at the Oviedo Arsenal in Spain and by Steyr in Austria.

Bolt Action Rifle Side View


This drawing shows the magazine fully loaded and an additional cartridge in the firing chamber.

In rifles of this design, after a loaded clip has been inserted in the magazine guide and the 5-cartridges stripped down into the magazine, the top cartridge may be thrust further down into the magazine with the thumb of the left hand, while the bolt is cased forward with the right hand, until it clears the top of the cartridge in the magazine and is past the point where it can feed from the magazine. A sixth cartridge may then be inserted directly into the firing chamber and the bolt pushed home and turned down to lock.

Note that this rifle does not have a magazine cut off. Therefore, at the end of each rearward stroke of the bolt, the magazine spring brings a cartridge up in line for feeding. If it is desired to close the bolt on the chamber and retain the magazine loaded, it is necessary to manually thrust the cartridges in the magazine down and ease the bolt forward over the top cartridge.

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