Model Spanish Mauser

In 1893 a very slightly modified version of this rifle was manufactured by Loewe for the Spaniards and shipped to Cuba. 30,000 rifles and carbines were delivered to Spanish troops there. These rifles were the backbone of the Spanish defense in Cuba during the Spanish-American War.

At the battle of San Juan Hill in Cuba, 15,000 of our troops attacked the hill defended by a mere 700 Spaniards, armed with Model 1893 Mauser rifles. The fact that the cartridges were smokeless, that the rifles were rapidly loaded with Mauser clips, and that in velocity and range they were far superior to both our single shot Springfield .45-70's and our Krags produced results which could not be overlooked.

At the outbreak of the War our Regular Army of 27,000 was equipped with .30 caliber rifles on the Krag-Jorgensen system. The Navy had purchased 10,000 Lee straight pull rifles of 6mm (.236) caliber. Most of the volunteers were armed with .45 caliber black powder rifles.

•With only 700 men defending the hill, the Spaniards actually inflicted over 1400 casualties on our attacking forces! Twenty-one thousand one hundred fifty-four of these rifles and carbines were finally seized by our forces after the fall of the Spaniards.

After experimenting with numerous designs, we finally developed and adopted our famous Springfield Rifle of 1903, a Mauser pattern rifle better than any Mauser made before or since. With the adoption of the M 1 (Garand) semi-automatic rifle in 1936 we again forged ahead of the Germans in the field of rifle development for our armed forces; though for sniping and sharpshooting the Springfield continues to be the last word in military rifle design.

Other Mauser Rifles Based on the Spanish Model 93 Pattern

The following Mauser rifles are merely minor modifications of the Spanish Model 93:

The Turkish M93, the Swedish M94 (Caliber 6.5 mm), the Brazilian Model 94, the Swedish Infantry Rifle Model 96, the Chilean Model 95, the Uruguayan, Peruvian, Chinese, Transvaal, and Orange Free State (all Models of 95), and the Serbian Model 99.

Further slight modifications of these types have been made since the original issue. In general, however, the,designs are the same.

Mauser M94

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