Model The Original Belgian Mauser Right Side View With Action Closed

This is the first service Mauser rifle issued with a box type magazine. The caliber is 7.65 mm. This rifle marked a turning point in the development of the famous line of Mauser magazine rifles. It is the first to employ the solid one-piece bolt whose head is not removable. The locking lugs at the front end of the bolt are placed opposite one another to give maximum support to the head of the cartridge case.

With the exception of the British service Enfield rifle, and the Swiss, all later military rifles utilize this general form of breech locking.

This model is a collector's item. Photograph from original Mauser records.

but the end of the stem where it is not cut away enters into the slot at the end of the bolt, locking the bolt and plug together to prevent the bolt from being revolved.

This safety bolt is retained in position by a small pin actuated by a spiral spring which works in a groove cut across the top of the bolt plug. The spring and pin are retained in position by a screw.

Extraction System

The extractor is a short spring terminating in a claw. It is mounted into the right side of the bolt in position between the two locking lugs and as the bolt revolves the extractor turns with it. This differs from the other designs of the same manufacturer.

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