Model Turkish Mauser

In 1890 the Turkish government adopted a modified form of the Belgian Mauser. This rifle for the 7.65mm (or .301-inch) Turkish cartridge was minus the jacket tube of the Belgian model.

This model together with minor modifications of the later 1898 pattern issued in 1903 and 1905 are all in official Turkish use, as are Kar. 98's and their modifications.

It must be remembered that despite the fact that many countries used "official" rifles, because of the distribution of weapons during World War II equipment of all types may be found in practically all armies in the world today. Thus tremendous numbers of later models of the Mauser rifle using the German cartridge will be found in Turkey. All such rifles, wherever made for Turkey, are slight modifications only of the official German.

However the official 1890 Turkish Mauser rifle has the following characteristics: It weighs 9 pounds 1 ounce without bayonet. The bayonet adds about 1 pound 7 ounces to this weight. The overall length is about 4 feet .5-inch without bayonet. The bayonet adds 1 foot 6 inches. The overall length of the barrel is 29.1 inches, and the barrel is rifled 4-grooves to the right with a twist of one turn in 10 inches.

The sights are standard V and barleycorn with graduations from 250 to 2000 meters and without wind gauge.

The rifle may be loaded with individual cartridges or may be loaded with cartridges stripped in from a clip in standard fashion.

The magazine of the original model followed that of the original Belgian type in that it extended below the bottom of the stock and carried 5-cartridges in a single vertical column, and was detachable.

The original Turkish Model varied from the original Belgian in:

1. Cartridge used. While the caliber is the same, the cartridge was somewhat different. This Turkish cartridge measures 2.96 inches overall, is rimless and weighs 370 grains. The bullet is pointed and has a lead core surrounded by a mild steel jacket. The bullet length is 1.06 inch, the maximum diameter .311 inch; weight 154.3 grains.

As originally issued, the cartridge measured 3.07 inch and the bullet 1.2 inch. The powder charge was 47.4 grains of smokeless. More recent loads average about 46 grains of improved powder. The muzzle velocity is about 2001 feet per second while the chamber pressure is about 39,400 pounds per square inch. (Note: Most modern 7.65mm Mauser military calibers will interchange.)

2. Turkish rifles do not have barrel jackets.

MODEL 90 TURKISH MAUSER. RIGHT SIDE VIEW WITH ACTION CLOSED This arm is a modification of the Belgian type which eliminates the barrel jacket.

This rifle is still in extensive use among the Turks, but as a first line service arm has been replaced by later improved forms of the Mauser. Tremendous quantities of this model are still in use and in existence however.

While the original Turkish 7.65 mm cartridge differed somewhat from other 7.65 mm Mauser calibers, modern ammunition designated "7.65 mm Mauser" can safely be interchanged. Photographs from original Mauser records.

Mauser Model 1890

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