Rifle Cocked And Loaded Ready For Firing

The simplicity of this first design has never been surpassed. The bolt cylinder is pierced to receive the striker pin and spring. The bolt handle or lever is part of the cylinder. The guide block on the upper surface of the cylinder working between the lips cut into the receiver, prevents rotation of the cylinder until the guide is clear of the slot. The striker in this design is permanently attached by a nut and screw to the cocking-piece. The cocking-piece can move only backward and forward and cannot rotate. This is provided for by having the striker elliptical in section, its shape changing at different sections of its length.

The bolt head is removable and can be readily detached from the bolt cylinder. However, since it rotates with the cylinder when the action is opened or closed, the position of the striker and spring are not affected. (This two-piece bolt is cheaper to manufacture than the stronger one-piece type found in all Mausers of modern design).

The cam slot in the rear section of the bolt cylinder acts on the cocking-piece as the bolt handle is lifted to withdraw the striker pin within the cylinder of the breech bolt.

The extractor works in a groove in the left side of the receiver and in the movable head of the breechblock (or bolt head).

The ejector is mounted in the trigger spring and works through the receiver bottom.

The safety catch on the cocking-piece works upon a spring. When applied it drops into a notch provided for in the bolt and prevents the striker from reaching the cartridge.

When the bolt handle is turned up to the left as far as it will go, the head of the breechblock and the cocking-piece remain in the same relative position. The cam at the rear of the cylinder forces back the cam of the cocking-piece to partly cock the striker.

The bolt is then drawn back to extract and eject the cartridge or empty case in the firing chamber.

The ejector moves in a groove in the underside of the bolt cylinder, hence its forward claw projects only when the bolt is in full rear position.

its spring mounted within it. Raising the bolt lever permits the bolt to be drawn back. A guide block on the upper surface of the bolt cylinder works between two lips in the receiver bridge to prevent rotation of the cylinder until the guide is clear of the lips.

The striker is not removable and is attached by a nut and screw to the cocking piece. The cocking piece can move backward and forward only. It cannot rotate, as the striker is elliptical in section. The movable bolt head is separate from the cylinder; and rotating the cylinder when opening with the lever or when closing does not affect the position of the bolt head or of the striker and its spring. The bolt cylinder works by cam action on the cocking-piece to cock the striker as the bolt handle is manipulated.

Beretta Action Closing Levers

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