Close-up view of the first Mauser bolt action metallic cartridge rifle. Note unusual placement of bolt handle.

4) During opening, the striker is pulled back so far as to make its tip move behind the front surface of the breech face of the chamber, respectively of the bolt-head, thus preventing the possibility of a premature ignition due to the projection of the tip of the striker during loading (forward drive of the cartridge into the barrel).

5) The arrangement includes the extractor, fastened stationarily to the bolt-head (as mentioned under 2), which is especially valuable when metallic cartridges are used.

6) A special ejector is provided, which, too, is of great importance for the use of metallic cartridges.

1st Model: The following are the details of the mechanism of the Mauser-Norris rifle designed along the general principles outlined above:

The breech shoe is perforated, and on its rear face, behind the perforation on the left-hand part of the shoe, there is a curve, along the surface of which the handle is driven a little backward when the cylinder (chamber) is turned up, thereby forcibly dislodging the fired cartridge from its position.

The bolt-head is seated on the forward end of the chamber, and is protected by a combination of projections and recesses against longitudinal dislodgements.

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