Special Mauser Boxmagazine Built On The Model System

This was one of the designs developed by Mauser as an improvement on the tube magazine repeater. Because of the changing balance of the rifle as the magazine was emptied in the tubular type, Mauser conceived the idea of this box magazine (which is curved because the heads of the cartridges had rims) which would be inserted in the rifle from below and could be used to convert the 71 Model to a large capacity magazine rifle. This general type of magazine was later widely adopted and used by practically all nations. The first patent filed on a vertical box magazine was that of the American inventor, James P. Lee, in 1879.

This model was manufactured in tremendous quantities. In 1887, 550,000 rifles and carbines were delivered to Turkey alone. As in the case of the original single-shot Mauser rifle, the 71-84 was made both as a rifle and as a carbine. The carbine had a short upper forestock. This rifle was found being used in quantity in World War II, which provides a commentary not only on the original quality and value of the arm itself, but also on the ability of a country such as Germany to hide, store and preserve arms over long periods of time.

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