Special Mauser Shortrecoil Locking System

(See page 154)

Top Line: Right side and rear detail of action. The action is fully forward and locked. Note that in this unusual design the lock is a heavy pivoting member which supports the actual breechblock at its rear. The guide tracks in the rear of the receiver indicate the distance of rearward travel of the action during recoil, ("cl" and "c2" are the lock cam faces which bring about the unlocking and locking movements).

Second Line: Right side view of weapon locked ready for firing, showing details of sear and striker construction.

Third Line: Right side views in full recoil position. (1) Side cutaway to show spring compression and ejector (f) details. {Z) Details of lock member in unlocked position. On forward movement of breechblock, cam face "c£" will hit slope of receiver at "g2," thereby pivoting the lock down into engagement.

154 Mauser Riß es and Pistols

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