Taschen Pistole mit Federverschluss

Mauser pocket pistols were manufactured in only two calibers for general production. The first, introduced in 1910, was for the 6.35mm Browning cartridge which we know as the .25 Automatic Colt Pistol cartridge. It was followed by an arm of 7.65mm caliber of the same design, differing only in dimensions as required by the increased caliber and by the finger serrations on the slide. In 1934, a new model (Neues Modell) was introduced which varied mechanically very


The Mauser 6.35 mm (.25 ACP) Pocket Model little from the original type. In this new model, however, the grip was narrower and instead of stocks screwed to each side of the grip frame, a single shaped grip of wood which covered both sides and the back strap of the frame was used. This grip was worked over the back of the steel grip section of the receiver, thrust into place, and then fastened with a stock screw.

Because of variable types of grips used, this pistol as encountered may seem to differ from the one pictured here. This illusion is produced by the fact that differently shaped grips of wood could be

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