The German Service Carbine

Note special turned-down bolt handle characteristic of this model. The bolt handle locks down in front of the receiver bridge which is split to allow rearward bolt handle movement. All modern Mausers except the old Portuguese Mauser-Vergueiro have bolts which lock down to the rear of the cylindrical bridge.

Photograph from specimen encountered in World War II. Note that modern German 7.9 mm military cartridges are potentially dangerous to use in this design.

any cartridges in the clip, it was necessary to release the catch by pressing on the thumb piece at the front end of the trigger guard to unload. This released the clip and its contents to be pushed up out of the action by the follower. The hole in the bottom of the magazine was not long enough to permit a loaded cartridge or the clip with cartridges in it to drop out. Only the empty clip could pass through it.

Mauser Vergueiro

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